10 WWE Returns Nobody Saw Coming


There aren't too many wrestlers who don't make a WWE return at some point.

Vince McMahon's approach to things has always been very much 'business first, personal stuff second', which is why so many guys and gals he's fallen out with over the years have been welcomed back into the fold eventually. This is true even when it seems like the least likely thing ever amongst wrestling fans or industry critics.

That skepticism is something that suits the company; if fans don't expect someone to return, then their reaction will be priceless when they do. That's the thinking anyway, and it typically works. WWE's fondness for shocks and surprise comebacks has led to some truly beautiful moments over the years, and that's true even when success ended up being more short-lived than anyone would've liked.

The rise of the internet (and social media with it) has made it harder than ever for McMahon to keep things under wraps. Someone will probably talk, thus killing any sudden astonishment when that returnee strolls through the curtain.

What about the times they don't though? They're often the most special...


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