10 WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Nightmares That Could Come True

The Man? Nah. The Mandy.

Royal Rumble 2019 Who Will Win

The question posed in the above graphic is a pertinent one. Who will win both 2019 Rumbles, and which memories are WWE gonna' create this Sunday that'll get even the frostiest fans giddy about WrestleMania 35?

After months of fairly nondescript TV and pay-per-views creative couldn't wait to get through, the Royal Rumble comes at a good time. This, surely, will be the show that rescues things, reminds us all why we love this stuff and shifts beer kegs aplenty before the big day in New Jersey this spring.

What if it isn't though? What if this year's Rumble turns into a complete disaster full of nonsensical booking or pushes no-one asked for, and ends up causing social media sh*tstorms and mass drinking brought on by depression rather than celebration? In short, what if the 2019 Rumble is a nightmare?

If you're thinking that's all a bit too negative, then we don't blame you, but this is surely why you're here. So, how could things go so spectacularly wrong in Phoenix that everyone is left making Vince McMahon voodoo dolls come Monday morning?

This is how...


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