10 WWE Stars And Their Biblical Counterparts

If CM Punk is actually Lucifer, who is the Devil?

Wrestlers, like Biblical characters, are larger-than-life figures that have achieved things that mere mortals can't even imagine. There have been people in both the wrestling world and the the Biblical one that have overcome unbelievable odds, endured considerable pain and suffering, have committed unspeakable acts and so forth. To that end, the similarities between this religious text and the crazy world of wrestling are a lot more commonplace than you might initially perceive. This article will highlight the ten most prominent similarities between contemporary wrestling characters/personalities, and important figures from the Bible. Because as much as Vince McMahon might want to think that everything in WWE is his creation, the reality is that he has been cherry-picking story ideas from pretty much everywhere, including the Holy text.

10. Kain = Cain

Kane€™s character has been presented for many years as a modern manifestation of Cain from the Biblical story of Cain and Abel, albeit with some minor differences. From the very beginning, Kane€™s character was all about getting revenge on what his elder brother had done, instead of the elder brother being jealous of the younger brother€™s accomplishments. Kane wanted to harm the Undertaker for his childhood transgressions, and in a storyline sense, killed his €˜brother€™ to achieve that vengeance. This is opposed to Cain, who killed his younger brother Abel out of jealousy over being favored by God. Cain€™s punishment for his crime can also be seen in how Kane's career progressed after harming his brother. Just as Cain suffered for the rest of his life for his crime, Kane€™s WWE career after the biggest phase of his rivalry with the Undertaker ended, it entered into a downward spiral. He never achieved anything substantial after burying his brother alive, and despite his longevity, his last few years have been somewhat disappointing while his brother has become arguably the biggest WWE legend of all time. So even though Kane has teamed with and supported his brother on many occasions, Kane betraying his brother (particularly in 2003 and 2010) conjures up the image of Cain betraying Abel in one of the most infamous crimes in the entire Bible.
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