10 WWE Stars One Tweak Away From Perfection

Kevin Owens has the chops to make comedy work at a main event level...

There's an almost debonair quality to Roman Reigns that fits his status as WWE's 'Big Dog'. He's always courteous in interviews, has come through serious personal strife unscathed and is way, way, way more consistent in-ring than some on social media would like people to believe. There's just one thing missing.

No, this isn't a déjà vu whinge about how Roman must turn heel. The sympathy heaped on him for bravely battling cancer has put him beyond that for now, and there's a more pressing concern for his on screen character. It's a small change, and yet it's one that'd make him much more effective to the product overall.

Nine others find themselves in the same boat as Reigns.

The annoying thing is that all 10 stars are one tiny tweak away from perfection. WWE detractors may scoff at the thought of this; 'How can the E ever be perfect?', they'll sneer into their Wrestle Kingdom souvenir lanyards. They may have a point, but there's nothing wrong with striving for the best.

That's something WWE must want for every talent on their roster. Superior characters + improved storytelling = better product...

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