10 WWE Stars Who Could Return Before The End Of 2019

From UFC's baddest boss to WWE Women's Champion and faux-reality show shill...

If Sasha Banks' recent comeback proved anything, it's that the classic pro wrestling return still means a lot.

When the 'Legit Boss' legit battered the hell out of Becky Lynch and Natalya, then sneered that she didn't regret a thing, Sasha instantly recaptured all that lost lustre gathered up though years of passive booking. It was like NXT former bad ass had never been away, and all signs are that Banks will have a hot feud opposite 'The Man'.

As Goldberg is wont to say, "Who's Next?". There are currently loads of WWE stars on the shelf with injuries or sitting idly by waiting to be given their next gig. Of the 10 featured here, at least three are wasted money unless they're on the road working or using their star power to benefit the company. Others are recovering from surgery and eager to get back on it.

If all goes smoothly, then all 10 of them could be back on screens before the calendar flips to 2020. WWE may need them for NXT's impending jump to USA, SmackDown's leap to FOX and for the late-2019 international tour that's on the horizon...

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