10 WWE Stars Who Failed In WCW

9. Jim Neidhart

After the Montreal Screwjob, Jim Neidhart loyally followed his brother-in-law, Bret Hart, in his exodus from WWF. Much like Bret, it wouldn't take long for Jim to make his way over to WCW.

Making a logical debut by verbally going to bat for his former partner, Neidhart initially got a good reaction from the WCW faithful. Going toe-to-toe with Ric Flair on his first night in, it seemed like a family reunion was on the cards when Bret came to his brother-in-law's aid.

Unfortunately for Neidhart, the altercation with Flair would be the high point of his WCW career and it was all downhill from there. It would be another month until Neidhart made his official in-ring debut.

Neidhart would soon reunite with fellow Hart Foundation brethren, Davey Boy Smith. Regardless of the pairing, Neidhart appeared mainly on B-Shows like WCW Saturday Night and would often appear on the losing end when solo.

Neidhart challenged for the WCW TV Title on two occasions during his tenure, losing to Fit Finlay in May and Chris Jericho in September. Despite being a TV regular throughout his tenure, he only appeared on one PPV, Fall Brawl '98. He was let go shortly after.


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