10 WWE Stars Who Fought Through The Pain Barrier

'Yes, this is entertainment...'

'...but the hazards are real.'

Wrestlers are, by and large, legendarily tough. In searing pain, some have dug deep far within themselves to finish or even enter a match in the first place.

To to even wilfully take that first-ever bump, on what is an unforgivably hard canvas, requires an entirely different frame of mind to the likes of you or I. It's been said that one standard flat-back wrestling bump, the likes of which the majority of wrestlers take every other night on multiple occasions, is akin to being hit by a car travelling at 10 miles per hour. Just getting in the ring at all involves sucking it up and ignoring a significant number of aches and pains.

You will have already been told that wrestling is 'fake' when your incredulous friends and family discover that you love it. If anybody scornfully criticises you for your choice of hobby again, keep this article bookmarked and share it loudly and proudly on their Timeline.

In it, we take you through some of the gutsiest (or foolish, depending on your point of view) performances in WWE history...

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Triple H
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