10 WWE Stars Who Have Gone AWOL

9. T-Bar

Asuka Elias WWE Missing

Remember when WWE tested out ex-Retribution duo T-Bar and Mace as possible bodyguards for MVP? That feels like it happened a lifetime ago, but things move fast in the non-stop world of sports entertainment. For proof, just check out what the former Dominik Dijakovic has been doing since the team split up.


Sure, T-Bar has been working some matches here or there on 'C' level programming like Main Event but... who really watches that regularly (if at all)? The outspoken social media banter machine's last match on Raw was a three-minute loss to Finn Bálor on the 6 December episode.

WWE hasn't show much interest in repackaging the ex-NXT man either. He should be worried by that, being honest; it suggests that his name doesn't tend to come up during creative meetings. Watch the company shift him over to SmackDown and reunite the tag gimmick with Mace.

That might be the only plan they can think of for him.

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