10 WWE Stars Who Managed To Shake Off The 'TNA Stink'

Because not everybody is treated as badly as Eric Young.

IMPACT Wrestling/WWE

Since Total Nonstop Action Wrestling launched in 2002, so many of the names featured in what's now known as IMPACT Wrestling have ventured into the world of WWE.

In wrestling circles, there has often been talk of the TNA stink that followed so many of these performers. A stink that saw them forever tied to awful TNA angles and moments or simply being associated with a wrestling promotion that Vince McMahon and WWE higher-ups saw as an insignificant bush-league company. Just because somebody was a big deal in TNA, that's not always translated to them being afforded the opportunity to become a big deal in WWE.

You can look at names like Gail Kim, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Matt Hardy, and EC3 as just a handful of examples of talents who were main event acts in TNA, yet whose WWE careers played out very differently.

That's not always been the case, of course, and there are certain superstars who have had stints in TNA but have managed to overcome that perceived TNA stink to thrive under the WWE umbrella. And with that in mind, here are ten such examples of former TNA stars who shook off the negative opinion so often sadly placed on many of their peers.

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