10 WWE Stars Who Pretty Much Asked To Be Fired

'Fire me! I'm already fired!'

News has trickled down the pro wrestling pipe that Vince McMahon wants to regain his monopolisation of the industry ASAP. That, and WWE's continued dedication to stockpiling talent, means that it could be harder than ever for workers to get out of their deals if they're unhappy or feel like trying their luck somewhere else.

They'd have to go to extreme measures. Sort of like the examples set here.

Weirdly, not everyone on this list actually wanted to be fired by the company (one even ended up staying put and becoming a huge success story), but their behaviour, lack of communication with the office and, in some cases, outright arrogance forced them out the nearest exit door quicker than a certain someone could bellow, "YOOOOOOOU'RE FIIIIIIIIIIRED!".

There's a range of emotions in this one. Some firings marked a sad end for legendary names who had once seemed like they'd be part of the WWE furniture forever, and others snuffed out promising careers before they even got properly started. Did they all bring it on themselves?

You be the judge, because Vince McMahon was the executioner...

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