10 WWE Stars Who Should NOT Go To AEW

Despite AEW's success and momentum, the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

Seth Rollins WWE SummerSlam 2021

Wars tend to ebb and flow.

That's the nature of the battle, after all. Right now, the pro wrestling war is definitely working out better for AEW. The arrivals of Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, Adam Cole and others have further confirmed the promotion's reputation as the place to be, while WWE scrambles to make sense of what is left on its shores. NXT has been repackaged and more changes are to come.

Many superstars could be forgiven for viewing WWE as a sinking ship, at least while Vince McMahon remains captain. With such a fantastic alternative, the time to leave has got to be now, right? Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Johnny Gargano and others are constantly being linked with AEW, and it wouldn't be a huge surprise to see Steen, Generico and, erm, Gargano on Dynamite in the next year or so.

The grass might seem nuclear green on the AEW side of the fence right now but there is more to this than meets the eye. It isn't as if talent can just turn up there and instantly find that life is much better. For many men and women, WWE remains the place to be, a promotion that offers the best chance at squeezing every drop of magic out of this professional wrestling thing.

These names would be making a huge mistake in jumping ship, no matter how excellent AEW is right now.

10. The Usos

Seth Rollins WWE SummerSlam 2021

Like it or not, The Usos are going to go down in history as the most celebrated and decorated tag team in the history of WWE. Sure, they might not get the critical acclaim that historic teams like The Hart Foundation, Edge & Christian and The Hardy Boyz receive, but Jimmy and Jey are going to be remembered as the top duo in company history. Mark my words.

The brothers have a laundry list of dream matches waiting for them in AEW but making the move would make no sense whatsoever. The Usos have existed on a different level to the other teams in WWE for so long that they have transcended the division, like other legendary teams before them. Now a part of The Bloodline alongside Roman Reigns, there is no limit to what Jimmy and Jey could accomplish in WWE.

Everyone would love to see The Usos against The Young Bucks, Santana & Ortiz, The Lucha Bros and all the rest, but it simply isn't going to happen. It shouldn't. Jimmy and Jey would be lost in the shuffle in AEW, while they will ascend to greatness in WWE. This is as close to a no-brainer as this list is going to be put together.

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