10 WWE Stars Who Should NOT Go To AEW

9. Asuka

Seth Rollins WWE SummerSlam 2021

Is it fair to say that Asuka has overachieved in WWE? When Kana signed with the company in 2015, even the most optimistic of fans had the Japanese star peaking in a training role within the company. Did anyone expect historic championship reigns, lengthy undefeated streaks and all the rest? Revisionists will go back and claim otherwise, but nobody expected any of this. Asuka's talent was never in doubt, but WWE's ability to utilize it? Colour us all pleasantly surprised.

Still only 39, Asuka still has plenty to offer in the world's largest wrestling promotion. A woman of such incredible ability would be a fantastic asset to the still-developing AEW women's division, but there remains an underlying belief that the women of AEW need to grow in their own way. There is plenty of work to be one, but performers like Britt Baker, Anna Jay and Tay Conti are megastars waiting to happen.

The AEW women's division is in an interesting spot right now. Despite its difficult beginning, a tremendous group of fresh talent is growing within its ranks, relying on improvement and new names as opposed to siphoning off more mainstream names from WWE. Asuka vs. Britt Baker would be great and all, but it benefits nobody.

Other than the fans, of course.

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