10 WWE Stars Who Survived The Worst Booking Ever

If they can get through this, they can get through anything.

Mae Young Mark Henry Royal Rumble 2000

Creative burnout is real, but WWE's overworked writing crew can't hide behind that as the only excuse for some of the nonsense they've penned over the years.

It's one thing to say, 'Sod it', stick someone anonymously under a turkey outfit and call them 'The Gobbledy Gooker', but it's another entirely to take a clearly talented worker and force them to suffer through some of the worst booking in pro wrestling history. It's like creative want to see how talent reacts to adversity or something.

For some reason, WWE's creative minds have believed that questionable construction workers, borderline-white supremacists, cosplay versions of famous characters, creepy stalkers (not who you think), bogus royalty, toilet humour victims and more would all make money - that's what this stuff is all about, right? Making money.

How any of the wrestlers presented here were supposed to prize cash from the pockets of fans whilst peddling this nonsense is anyone's guess. The amazing thing is, they all survived, and some even went on to become World Champions.

Others had already been World Champ when WWE decided to put them through creative hell...

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