10 WWE Stars Who Turned Into EVERYTHING They Hated

Life came at these WWE wrestlers pretty fast. They turned into their worst nightmares!

Brock Lesnar Roman Reigns Paul Heyman

Pro wrestlers are often full of sh*t.

That could be a commentary exclusively on the biz behind the scenes, to be honest, but this article mixes that with on-screen babbling to examine times WWE stars were definitely full of it. They went from making grand promises about their own integrity to...doing the exact opposite of what they preached a short while later.

In effect, they turned into everything they'd once hated. Naturally, this is a sweet way to guarantee heel heat when someone is turning, but it's interesting to look back on now. Seeing someone go from brash upstart (who just wants those pesky, crusty old-timers to sod off) to one of those legends who hogs the spotlight is quite something.

Then, there are icons who didn't know when to hang it up before the quality of their matches tanked, or workers who morphed into the part-timers they'd once loathed. There's even room for one guy to whinge about others bolting to Hollywood for movie star riches, only to do the exact same thing himself.

These are the WWE stars who turned into what they hated. They probably hate that!

10. John Cena

Brock Lesnar Roman Reigns Paul Heyman

Let's start with an obvious one.

John Cena famously ripped The Rock for buggering off to Hollywood and leaving WWE behind. That criticism even became the crux of their 2011-2012 feud, and led to back-to-back WrestleMania matches against one another. Meanwhile, ol' JC claimed he'd never do the same thing.

He...has. WWE is the most part-time of part-time gigs for Cena these days, and it's firmly in the rearview mirror. Recently, he's been talking about the physical toll years of full-time work had on his body, and revealed he wouldn't be able to keep up the same schedule anyway. That's fair enough, but he still went back on his word.

Cena has cracked into the film biz and looks set to stay there for the rest of his days. Somewhere, a certain Dwayne Johnson must be rolling his eyes at all of this. Nah, he's probs happy for John - it's still pretty funny though.


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