10 WWE Stars Who Were Fired For Unprofessional Conduct

Bad boys, bad boys, what ya gonna do? What ya gonna do when they come for you?

Even in the hurly-burly, unpredictable world of professional wrestling, there are a lot of slow news weeks. Weeks where wrestling writers stare blankly at their laptop screens, silently begging insiders like Dave Meltzer to break a story; or even (god forbid) for someone to get hurt, just so they can have something to write about. And then Jeff Hardy will be found on the roof of his house stark naked, covered in a suspicious white powder, shouting abuse at the cops, and it€™s game on all over again.*

The point is, not all wrestlers are as well behaved as John Cena or Daniel Bryan, and for the fans that eagerly peruse dirt sheet websites every day, or even for the writers that write for them, it€™'s the bad behaviour that sells.

This article is dedicated to those incidents of poor judgement and bad behaviour on the part of professional wrestlers that caused the promotion that hired them to take a step back and wash their hands of them. Whether it€™'s the final straw, or a one-off dramatic incident, these are the top ten professional wrestlers who were fired for unprofessional conduct.

* This has, of course, not actually happened. Yet.

Please note this article was originally written in 2014...


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