10 WWE Stars Who Will Leave In 2021

Are these the prime candidates to leave WWE behind in the new year?

Shinsuke Cesaro Aew

Pro wrestling had already changed before 2020 came along and changed it...again.

AEW's 2019 rise meant wrestlers finally had another place to work and make good money. That hadn't really been the case since TNA's peak, and it meant countless midcarders had no power - they had to suffer silently and do WWE's bidding without rocking the boat. Vince McMahon held the entire deck of cards, but not anymore.

Of course, contrary to what some might report, WWE is still the platform for someone hoping to make oodles of cash and become a bigger star. There's a lustre attached to Vinnie Mac's promotion, though it maybe doesn't shine as brightly as before. AEW has definitely given wrestlers a sweet alternative to earn their living.

Tony Khan's operation, as well as the lure of lucrative runs in Japan or on the indy circuit as a "former WWE superstar", must've turned some heads. There are loads of WWE men and women who have either hit a creative roadblock in the company or are about to enter the final year of their contracts.

Will they fancy a change of scenery in 2021? It's possible...

10. Drew Gulak

Shinsuke Cesaro Aew

Drew Gulak is the only one on this list who has been released.

He was cut as part of the mass cull in April 2020, but returned quickly. It's been all downhill since then though - Gulak's promising union with Daniel Bryan faded, and he's become an erm...fixture of the daft 24/7 Title division ever since. Things do not look good for the strait-laced technician.

If his downward slide back towards 205 Live obscurity continues, then Drew might fancy leaving WWE behind for good and trying his luck elsewhere. The guy would be a neat addition to AEW's midcard pack, and he'd also be perfect for companies like ROH, Impact Wrestling or the (still kicking) NWA.

Obviously, it'd be a risk, but Gulak showed during his run with Bryan that he has skills WWE simply don't give a toss about. He's a solid, no-nonsense and thoughtful pro wrestler, which doesn't count for much in Vince McMahon's OTT universe.


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