10 WWE Stars You Never Knew Were Announcers

10. Ian Mooney On Wrestling Spotlight

Sean Mooney Wwe

If you watched WWF shows in the late '80s and early '90s, you remember Sean Mooney, who hosted the Event Center segments and was the C-team level announcer for Coliseum Video and recap show exclusive matches, usually with Lord Alfred Hayes. He replaced Craig DeGeorge, who was the first in the line of the company hiring "non-wrestling" announcers for that role.

He wasn't an all-time great announcer, but he was fine in the role and had a good knack for the goofball WWF comedy he had to do. He didn't host Wrestling Spotlight. Instead, his identical twin brother Ian hosted the show. Well, not exactly. There was no Ian Mooney.

Ian was Sean playing his own twin brother. Why? I'm not sure anybody knows. It's not like it was ever played up for comedy. He was just Ian Mooney, being a regular announcer doing regular announcer things with his co-host...


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