10 WWE Storylines Which Could Make WrestleMania 37 The Greatest Yet

8. Brock Lesnar Vs. Drew McIntyre

There are many possibilities left for Brock Lesnar in WWE whenever he inevitably re-signs with the promotion. The dream match with Bobby Lashley is the one that fans and Lashley himself are desperate for, particularly with Lashley’s run as a member of the Hurt Business helping make Raw watchable as of late. Keith Lee is a great opponent because of their interaction in the Royal Rumble; it would be a wonderful hoss fight if both men put on their A game.

But after their WrestleMania 36 disappointment, getting a proper 15 minute match with Drew McIntyre seems like the most important way to go.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be for the world title if WWE decides that should go to Orton and Edge, but a big rematch with Lesnar would establish that Drew is worthy of keeping his place on the card and give audiences the dream match that the WrestleMania 36 contest didn’t offer.

If it is for the belt, there’s a great story of dread that Drew’s reign would end similarly to Kofi’s at the hands of Lesnar, making it triumphant when Drew hits the final Claymore. It feels like the right call at this second.


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