10 WWE Superstars You Didn’t Know Were Related

Some were acknowledged by the WWE in storylines, some weren't...

WWE.comWWE.comWhen it comes to WWE stars and their relations, you can split any single wrestler up into three distinct categories. First, there are those who are very publicly related; think The Hardy Boyz, or even Chavo and Eddie Guerrero, for example. We all know they're linked by blood, and the WWE won't let us forget it either. The next category is a rather comedic one; wrestlers who the WWE try to make us believe are related, but we all know they aren't. For instance, who really thought that Hornswoggle was indeed Vince McMahon's secret son? For reference, Hornswoggle isn't related to Fit Finlay, either. Another prime example is of course Kane and The Undertaker - sorry to disappoint younger (or more gullible) readers, but they aren't brothers. And then there are those bloodline relations that WWE fans simply don't know about. It could be relations that are never referred to by WWE commentators, meaning we simply don't click on that they're related. And over the years, the WWE has kept plenty of family relations quiet, not eluding to the fact they share a name and a bloodline. It could be a pair of wrestlers from the same era that were direct relatives, or it could be a duo that have fallen in love, and ended up getting married. Whatever the case, there are plenty of family affairs in the WWE that have been kept well off the radar. Let's take a look at 10 sets of stars that you (hopefully) didn't know were related.

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