10 WWE Superstars You Didn’t Know Were Related

10. Rockin' Robin And Jake Roberts

Rockin Robin Jake Roberts Given how the WWE never actually made reference to this lesser-known relation, it's easy to miss out on the fact that Jake "The Snake" Roberts actually had a sister who was a WWE wrestler. Back in the late-1980s - around the same time Roberts and Damien were victimising wrestling fans all across the world - the Queen of the women's division in WWE was Rockin' Robin. She had some fantastic battles with Sherri Martel for the Women's Championship, before eventually wrestling it away from her in October 1988 (in Paris, of all places). She would then go on and hold the belt until 1990, when the title was retired due to inactivity. Still, she had a fantastic run as champion, and is one of the most influential female wrestlers of her generation. And, at the same time that Robin was heading up the women's division, her half-brother Jake (and full brother Sam Houston) were all competing in the WWE at the same time. You imagine Christmas Day with Jake "The Snake" Roberts is a real hoot - unless of course, he brings Damien out to play after everyone has opened their presents.

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