10 WWE Superstars Fired In The Shortest Time

Get stuffed, Buff.


There's a known truism amongst business leaders and bosses that you can't judge the true value of an employee from their first three months. Although it usually takes a little while for new recruits to acclimate to their new surroundings, this is typically offset by the fact that, during their debutante period, they're universally on their very best behaviour.

In other words, don't be wowed the effort, enthusiasm and professionalism of the new kid. It's probably won't last.

By the same token, a newbie straggling to work fifteen minutes late one week in is a sign that things just might not work out in the long term. A fresh human resource taking extended leaves of absence to tend for a fictitious father, having their mum call up to complain about shift patterns, or nearly causing a plane to fall out of the sky through drunken misconduct should likewise be considered red flags. They're at least worthy of an internal disciplinary review.

It might be almost impossible to lose your job with WWE now, but the over the years the Stamford outfit's HR has proven even harsher than that. Heck, they once fired somebody before she even started, all because of their own lack of due dilligence.

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