10 WWE Superstars Most Likely To Succeed In UFC

Vince better watch out.


It's fair to say that, outside the world of wrestling, most people would never expect a pro wrestler to flourish when transitioning into the apparently less forgiving realm of mixed martial arts.

Still, if nothing else, Brock Lesnar's hugely successful stint in UFC has proven how legitimately tough wrestlers can be, and how the "fake" sport still breeds some of the most intense brawlers in all of combat sports.

Though Brock is largely an isolated case while fans avidly anticipate CM Punk's upcoming UFC debut, there are still nevertheless a number of WWE superstars who, should they choose to, could substantially shake up UFC and leave their own mark.

While this doesn't necessarily mean that these superstars have even the remotest chance of ever appearing in the Octagon, each would nevertheless have a strong chance of scoring significant victories if they chose to. If nothing else, it would be fascinating to see.

Here are 10 WWE superstars most likely to succeed in UFC...


10. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler has an undeniable edge as a potential UFC competitor due to his amateur wrestling background. He holds his high school's record for most career pins at a staggering 82, and for a time held the Kent State University record for most career wins, with 121 victories (which is still the second all-time record).

Though it goes without saying that Ziggler would need to diversify his skill set for a successful run in any form of MMA, his speed, athleticism and evidently strong grappling game from his younger days would serve him well as a solid all-rounder in his weight class.

Chance Of Going To UFC: Ziggler is still a relatively young man at 35 years of age, though he'd probably want to transition pretty quickly to best take advantage of his abilities. Considering that he's being horribly utilised in WWE it's certainly not outside the realm of possibility, but at the same time his comfortable current position might suit Dolph just fine, uninspired though it is. 5/10

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