10 WWE Superstars Returning In 2016

Who can we expect to come back next year?

WWE's recent roster troubles have been well-documented - for the first time in nearly 20 years, the company finds itself in a position where it doesn't really have enough talent to carry TV. After several years of failing to create new superstars, the chickens have come home to roost - a rare vacation for John Cena has coincided with a period of inactivity for Brock Lesnar, and freak injuries to Seth Rollins and Randy Orton have further decimated the roster, leaving the currently-popular Roman Reigns as the only viable star on Raw. Still, things aren't as bleak as they may seem. Both Cena and Lesnar will be back in action before the end of the year, and 2016 will undoubtedly play host to a series of major returns as WWE looks to ensure that it doesn't find itself in a difficult position once again. Some of these returning stars will be coming back from injury while others will be re-joining WWE after years away from the company, but they will all be playing a role in ensuring the strength of the company's brand next year and beyond. Here are ten major WWE returns we'll see in 2016, as well as the roles that the returning superstars will play.

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