10 WWE Superstars Vince McMahon Completely Lost Interest In

Used, abused and tossed aside: but once upon a time, he told them they were beautiful.

Every new WWE superstar that arrives on the main roster has to navigate one particular minefield upon their debut: figuring out whether the boss likes them or not. If Vince enjoys your work, gets a kick out of your look, is high on your gimmick then the sky is (potentially) the limit. You can at least look forward to some decent television time, and a degree of protection for your character. Creative will fall all over themselves to offer you storylines. There€™ll be title fights, pay-per-view appearances, million dollar contracts, Cadillacs made of gold, and caviar, and caviar made of gold, and Cadillacs filled with golden caviar€ Ahem. Anyway. That€™s if Vince likes you, and we all know what happens to WWE performers who Vince isn€™t convinced on. Lost in the shuffle, jobbers to the stars, a midcard tag team in their near future - and that€™s if they€™re not just future-endeavoured. But what about the poor bastards who lived the high life and then came crashing back down to earth? It's got to be so much worse, to be so close to your dream, a nearly-was, only for your mercurial carny boss to decide that he€™s just not that into you. Join me, then - as I take a quick look at the wrestlers that Vince McMahon has simply lost interest in and abandoned over the years. The jezebel.
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