10 WWE Superstars Who Deserve To Be Angry Right Now

Remember when Cody Rhodes was considered a dead cert for the main event mix?


Currently on the active roster (not including those down in NXT), WWE's writing staff have around 80 performers to contend with.

Not all of those men and women can get on television each week - that's just infeasible. This means there will be some glum faces at every television taping, when some performers realise they aren't going to be heavily involved, if they're involved at all. 

WWE's creative team have a lot to deal with. Not only are the numbers huge in terms of talent, but there's also more programming to write than at pretty much any other point in company history. 

Main shows such as Raw and SmackDown dominate, but then there's the monthly pay-per-view specials, along with fresh content needed for the WWE Network. It's a colossal amount of content, and the writing staff can be spread a little thin. 

It makes sense then that some performers would slip from view, or be let down by those in charge. Consequently, there are many in WWE who have every right to be angry at the moment, scratching their heads and wondering what they have to do in order to force management to pay attention to them and their plight. 

Everyone profiled here has something to offer, but try telling those writing the storylines that...

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