10 WWE Superstars Who Gambled On A Brand New Finisher

Big stars taking even bigger chances...

Undertaker Dragon Sleeper
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It's an incredibly difficult time to be a WWE Superstar.

The winds of change have rapidly blown through much of the hardcore audience - All Elite Wrestling's mere existence has resulted in many former regulars abandoning their staple diet of overstuffed Raw and SmackDown every week, or at very least emotionally disconnecting from a product many argue did the same to them a generation ago.

It's the wrestlers themselves that feel the knock-on effect. Seth Rollins has tried and failed to lead from the front with some average in-ring action and fatalistic Twitter behaviour. Kofi Kingston's matches were simply too boring for him to headline shows as WWE Champion, then bantered off so spectacular when he lost it that fans are left hoping his "Power Of Positivity" follow-up is an actual story rather than optimistic fantasy booking.

So few roster members can take chances on anything. On their look, their promo style, their gear, the characters better look just right, pal, or it's curtains for the quasi-push. Finishers were once as good a guidepost for a talent as anything, but if there's ever been time to take a chance like this lot did, it's now...

10. John Cena

Undertaker Dragon Sleeper

Controversial on inception until fans gradually accepted that the current John Cena is more about bombast than in-ring brilliance, ’The Champ’s introduction of the Lightning Fist to his arsenal was the defining moment his Hollywood career change no longer hid in plain sight.

It wasn’t without risk. From loading to landing it looks ludicrous, particularly with Chris Jericho bettering the idea of it as a legitimate finish in All Elite Wrestling.

Choosing camp comedy over anybody really getting hurt is somewhat admirable, at least.

Hulk Hogan was such an incredible worker at his peak that his minimalist approach maximised his longevity, but even ‘The Hulkster’ was left with a litany of hip and back issues thanks to his ever-reliable Leg Drop. The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin still have to bump on their backs and bottoms respectively during the rare times they hit their finishers. Learning from what the masters haven’t done rather than what they have is very, very in keeping with the 16-time World Champion.

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