10 WWE Superstars Who Have Been Released The Most

9. Jim Ross (3)

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As we've all been recently reminded, loyalty means absolutely f*ck all in WWE. No one knows that better than Jim Ross, a man scapegoated and punished for professional misconduct as heinous as failing to control Ric Flair - not being a magician, in other words - and illness.

Two weeks after suffering his first bout of Bell's palsy in January 1994, WWE demonstrated the full range of their familial compassion by firing Ross. He'd been with the company less than a year at that point; his lack of accrued loyalty deemed him a liability. Nevertheless, when a federal indictment removed Vince McMahon from commentary duties, WWE were happy to overlook Ross' apparent frailties to fill the void. The second McMahon was acquitted, the Oklahoman was fired again - allegedly for leaking company secrets.

Another U-turn followed that December, after which JR stuck with the company all the way until 2013's infamous WWE 2K14 announcement panel. During the show, Ross - supposedly intoxicated, as was guest Flair - was heard uttering imprecations and insulting a key sponsor. It was for this latter transgression that he was once again shunted to WWE's alumni section for a third time.

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