10 WWE Superstars With Terrible Entrance Themes

Any man with two hands can compose a sub-par entrance theme...

Liv Morgan

Before a WWE Superstar utters a single word, or performs even a basic move, their first introduction to the WWE Universe is through their music. A strong musical cue can make or break a superstar, leaving either an unforgettable first impression or (were ears able to taste things) a sour taste in your ears.

The Undertaker's funeral march signifies the presence of an otherworldly being. Ric Flair's 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' announces the arrival of a man so charismatic, his magnetism is positively galactic. The Hype Bros' theme sounds like your musically challenged cousin engaging in a Guitar Hero battle with the local football team.

This list only applies to current day WWE superstars, because while there have been some real sonic stinkers in wrestling days gone by, The New Era is positively rife with themes that are either too generic, too ill-fitting for their chosen superstar, or just plain nasty to listen to. CFO$ might have created some, ahem, GLORIOUS theme songs, but they aren't all gold. Hey, even Freddie Mercury had his off days.

10. Zack Ryder - Radio

After the initial excitement of hearing "Woo woo woo, you know it" passes, fans settle in to a veritable wet fart of a song; a gentle and offensively inoffensive number. Zack Ryder has never had the best of luck with themes, probably due to the fact that they've been recorded by Downstait, the go-to generic rock band for upper mid-carders.

WWE has a thing for choosing generic, musically un-interesting rap-rock for their Superstars, and 'Radio' stands as the current benchmark for this trend, followed closely by The Miz's theme. Although the current, more beefed up version of 'Radio' is better than the original damp squib version Ryder used for the better part of the decade, it's hardly 'The Rising Sun'. Sadly, this isn't even Ryder's worst theme currently still being played in the company, but more on that later.

Unfortunately for the Long Island Iced Z, if the radio could talk, it would probably tell him to get a new theme song.

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