10 WWE Superstars With Terrible Entrance Themes

9. The Usos - Done With That

The Samoans stripped one too many aspects of their babyface persona away when they turned heel, leaving behind a catchy and recognisable hip-hop track for one with inappropriate steel drum hits. While it was a wise move to ditch the paint, the fireworks, the chanting, and the audience call-and-response, The Usos' previous theme was recognisable as their own, and at least let the fans know who was about to walk down the ramp.

Their new theme feels like a placeholder, a fairly bland and muted track that could in all honesty be a B-side on R-Truth's new album (an R-side, if you will). There's just nothing that ties the track to The Usos, other than the title, 'Done With That', which does a stand up job of emphasising just how done with things Jimmy and Jey are. The Usos could easily return to their old theme; just walk out to "I'm on top", without any of the gimmicky babyface stuff. Lyrically, the song can fit both a face and heel alignment, and would probably elicit more of a crowd reaction.

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