10 WWE Superstars You Didn't Know Were In TNA

It's surprising just how many WWE superstars were once Impact players!

Dennis Gates JR / KnightNephrite Photography

In its 15 year history, the doors of TNA Wrestling - now known as Global Force Wrestling - have seen their fair share of talented performers pass through their doors. From WWE mainstays and main event superstars to World Champions and WWE Hall of Famers, TNA payroll has seen some truly great talent since 2002.

However, while many established stars have had high-profile runs in Orlando and several WWE newcomers are often identified as TNA talents, there’s a long list of top industry names that may not be common knowledge to many wrestling fans.

Several of these TNA alumni have since gone on to forge iconic careers of their own, while others are amidst their ascent to the top. In hindsight, the fact that many of the performers in this list weren't signed to full-time contracts is criminal; however, this fact is also a tell-tale sign of why TNA has struggled in recent years.

Nevertheless, the decision to move on proved fruitful for all in this list and TNA's loss was most certainly WWE's gain. Take a look in the TNA vault, as we run unearth ten forgotten appearances of WWE superstars in the Impact Zone.

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