10 WWE Tag Team Wrestlers Who Held Their Partners Back

Mixed Doubles.


In spite of Vince McMahon's tastes and tightness, tag team wrestling is - and should always be - a treasured and fundamental tenet of every wrestling show.

The dynamic from a singles match differs just enough. Comebacks don't build to a fight from underneath but to fire from the fresh man, a pantheon of pops for the hot tag recipient as he or she runs wild on the fiendish heels that had cut the ring in half for the bulk of the battle. Unlike so much in professional wrestling, it follows a strict science to forge sensation and scintillation, rather than safety. Formulaic for fun, rather than to a fault.

It also allows half-finished professional wrestlers a chance to look like the total package. The likes of The Hart Foundation, The Outsiders and Team Hell No were so successful together because each partner offered an extremely different proposition that together made two halves whole. A good doubles division doesn't just reward exceptional workrate, nor can it rely on exclusively giant men doing exclusively giant things.

It allows for the best of both worlds - it allows for two men to pull the wagon in their own way for the betterment of their union. That is unless one partner can't quite hold up their end of the agreement...


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