10 WWE Tag Teams That SURELY Didn't Happen (...But DID!)

9. Kid Kash & Jamie Noble

Xavier Woods R Truth

Kid Kash’s oft-overlooked tenure with WWE, following an appearance at 2005’s ECW One Night Stand event, has a number of surprising oddities scattered throughout.

One of the more well-known of course is his reign as Cruiserweight Champion, defeating fellow-ECW alumni Juventud before dropping the belt to Gregory Helms at Royal Rumble 2006; however, several layers further down on Kash’s WWE iceberg is his tag team with Jamie Noble.

Dubbed The Pitbulls, the cruiserweight tag team mostly occupied Velocity, scrapping with The Mexicools and the even more bizarre team of Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki. Once the matching gear was brought in and they were formally Christened with their new name, they became WWE Tag Title contenders against the equally diminutive champions of Paul London and Brian Kendrick. The two teams spent most of June 2006 battling for Tag Team Gold on the live circuit, before Kash and Noble eventually got some televised opportunities, including challenging London and Kendrick once again at The Great American Bash in a losing effort.

The Pitbulls continued into the September, expiring after the somewhat sudden release of Kash after he was caught smoking weed at a house show. Meanwhile, Noble would return to the cruiserweight division, before retiring from in-ring competition in 2009.


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