10 WWE Tag Teams Where Both Members Were The Marty Jannetty

MNM, The Hype Bros, Rybaxel - No-one came out of these teams as megastars.

MNM Mercury Nitro Melina

Anytime a tag team is formed in the professional wrestling world, observers are quick to predict which of them will become the Shawn Michaels or the Marty Jannetty. This (rather unfair) binary comes from the dramatic divide created after The Rockers' split, where Shawn Michaels went on to become a WWE legend, and Jannetty faded into obscurity.

Tag Team wrestling is virtually unrecognisable in the modern wrestling landscape, as it's no longer seen as a starting point for many fresh performers but rather a deliberate career choice. Current teams like The Young Bucks, Guerrillas of Destiny and The New Day have proven you can be proud of a Tag Team career, but that hasn't always been the case.

WWE has often treated Tag Team wrestling like an afterthought, and throughout history, viewers have inevitably known that the teams they watched week in and out would eventually split. However, this wasn't always a recipe for success - not every duo had a Shawn Michaels.

While many of the below performers are genuinely talented, none of them garnered much acclaim after their team's breakup or departure from the promotion, proving that - unfortunately for them - both were the "Marty"...

10. Jesse And Festus

MNM Mercury Nitro Melina

It's so strange to think back to the early days of Doc Gallows career, as this notorious former member of the Bullet Club was saddled with not one, but two absurd gimmicks. The first being Imposter Kane, and the second being the embarrassing team of Jesse and Festus.

It became clear that this gimmick wouldn't take Doc Gallows and Ray Gordy to the big leagues, as the cartoonish presentation, southern stereotypes and "simpleton" gimmick was untasteful. Unsurprisingly, the pair found little success in their two years as a team.

Gallows moved on to play a role in the Straight Edge Society before leaving the company. There he jumped around TNA and NJPW before settling in a tag team with Karl Anderson and finding success. He's had a very healthy career but fits the bill as a performer who never developed a strong singles legacy.

Then there's Ray Gordy, who post Jesse and Festus went on to play the abysmal Slam Master J rapper gimmick, and - to the surprise of no one - found little success. He's now retired from wrestling altogether with his only appearance in the industry since being when he accepted the Hall of Fame induction on behalf of his father, Terry Gordy.


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