10 WWE Title Reigns That Proved Utterly Pointless

Why did WWE even give Jack Swagger the World Heavyweight Title in the first place?

Traditionally, the 'World' Champion in any wrestling company is the man expected to lead the promotion by example. Over the years, World Wrestling Entertainment have had many strong titleholders. Men such as Bruno Sammartino, Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan have all been worthy champions. However, even the 'Immortal' Hulk himself has had reigns that felt a little cheap, and ultimately pointless. That's what is focused on here, those WWE World Title runs that were really quite unnecessary. Not only is the WWE Heavyweight Title itself taken into consideration, but so is the now-defunct World Heavyweight Championship, which was discontinued in 2013. Now, both belts have merged into one, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but both separate belts are examined here. Incredibly, some of the biggest stars in company history adorn this list. This proves that a champion doesn't necessarily need to be deemed unworthy to be included, it's simply the actual reigns themselves which go under the microscope. Why were they so pointless? Further to that point, how did they come about, and what were WWE hoping to achieve by booking them? There have been many epic World Title reigns in WWE history, but the 10 on display here surely cannot be considered in that company.
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