10 WWE Title Reigns That Proved Utterly Pointless

10. Randy Orton (2009)

In 2009, the WWE Heavyweight Title changed hands 9 times. Vacated once that year, due to a legitimate injury suffered by Batista, the belt switched between John Cena and Randy Orton no less than 4 times in under 6 months. The duo had naturally feuded before, but their '09 rivalry spanned across multiple Pay-Per-Views. At Night Of Champions in July, Orton beat both Triple H and Cena in a Triple Threat Match. The following month at SummerSlam, reigning champ Orton beat Cena again. Then, at Breaking Point, Cena captured the gold from Randy in a hard-hitting 'I Quit' Match. Logic would dictate that this would signal the end of their feud, because the babyface had triumphed over the villainous heel. It wasn't, and the pair collided at Hell In A Cell and Bragging Rights. At Hell In A Cell, Orton beat Cena to become champion again. Less than one month later, he was dethroned in an 'Iron Man' Match by his regular foe, thus losing the belt once more. Passing the title around made things look cheap, because there was no real need for Orton to lose the title at Breaking Point in the first place, only to win it back and lose it within a 30-day period.
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