10 WWE Videos You Didn’t Realise Were Huge Hits On YouTube

9. The Bellas Challenge Daniel Bryan And John Cena

This is an interesting one. The fact that thirty seven million people wanted to watch a clip from Total Divas at all is baffling enough, but John Cena and Daniel Bryan vs. The Bella Twins in a wood chopping contest? I mean hey, sex sells right? And the sole purpose of this segment would have been to draw in horny viewers at home, wanting to see four of the best looking wrestlers in the company run around in revealing outfits doing some physical challenges.

The challenge: Girls Vs. Boys, who can chop the most wood in the time limit. Brie steps up to the plate and hammers home a few blocks of wood, Nikki follows up with a block of her own to set up what should be an easy win for Team Vegan Fruity Pebbles. This is when the real gun show starts. John Cena and the brick wall of a human he is takes the axe in his hand and absolutely makes the wood his b*tch, as Nikki stands there mouth open and starry eyed.

But then the real punchline is revealed. This was filmed around the time Daniel Bryan was going through the whole 'B+ Player' small guy gimmick and it shows in his performance. The fierce American Dragon steps up and can't even get through one piece of wood... HAHA, Get it? Because he's small! Yeah didn't make me laugh either.


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