10 WWE WrestleMania Matches That Had To Follow Something Infamously Terrible

WrestleMania NO-ments.


It won't be easy being a part of the WrestleMania 36 card.

Imagine you're a wrestler, and it's January. You've been given confirmation you're going to be working at WrestleMania. Perhaps it's your first one, or your first title match, or your first main event, or a dream match with a legend. You're permitted to picture Raymond James Stadium in Tampa near capacity with fireworks and all sorts bouncing off that pirate ship at the back, all serving as vindication of the career choice you made and the hard yards making it viable.

And then nothing. Almost literally so.

The 'Show Of Shows' this year will be like no other one in the event's history, but that's likely to be the only thing of any magnitude about it. Matches will be worked in as-yet-unknown empty venues or the known-too-well empty Performance Center over two pre-taped days. Get excited roster, get excited fans, because this WrestleMania will be "Too Big For Just One Night!" or whatever it is they've added to those banter t-shirts.

Along with attempting to manage your personal and professional disappointment and expectations, there exists the task of paying off a half-finished programme in a match that won't look or feel quite right and may never be watched again. Michael Cole will call it a "WrestleMania Moment" and you'll know that because you'll hear it hit the table.

But still, at least WrestleMania 37 will look incredible getting to follow it next year. Just make sure you make the card!


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