10 WWE Wrestlers Buried By Words Alone

The pen is mightier than the sword.


There's a long and painful history of WWE wrestlers being buried inside the squared circle. From Randy Orton losing to Triple H in 2004, to Carlito losing to Triple H three years later, a whole host of stars have been on the receiving end of a shovel job from one of their backstage superiors. Mostly Triple H.

Generally speaking, these burials are the result of a lopsided physical confrontation. Take the Carlito one, for example. It took The Game just 10 minutes to put away his apple-spitting adversary, even though the latter was permitted to use weapons while the former had to abide by the rules.

On occasion, however, burials can take place during a verbal exchange too, when one wrestler dishes out an insult so severe, so savage, that the man or woman on the other end of it might as well have been slapped right across the face. Zingers from which there is simply no getting up.

Though sometimes terminal to a performer's career, many of them are also pretty funny (in a really annoying way). That's why we're taking a trip down memory lane with 10 of the very sickest burns in WWE history.