10 WWE Wrestlers In Danger Of Missing Out On WrestleMania 40

These WWE stars could join CM Punk on the sidelines come WrestleMania.

Seth Rollins WWE WrestleMania 40 XL

No WWE star wants to miss WrestleMania.

You've heard the hype: It's the Super Bowl, it's the World Series, it's the single biggest payday of a pro wrestler's entire year. The rules have changed on that slightly in the Saudi PLE era, but 'Mania still has major pull because, hell...most workers watched the show as kids. Everybody wants to be part of the magic.

CM Punk couldn't fight back the tears on Raw as he announced he'd be skipping this year's version due to a triceps injury suffered at Royal Rumble. Regardless of your thoughts on the man, everyone can agree that this really sucks. People, Punk included, are beginning to wonder if the guy will ever headline WWE's grandest weekender.

Punk's story might not be unique in 2024. Expected opponents could be joining him on the sidelines if doctors do Triple H and his creative team dirty, and there's a lorry load of other WWE names flirting with a night at the Hall Of Fame and that's it.

"Creative has nothing else for you" would sting for these men and women, but missing out come 'Mania XL could well be their fate.

10. Jimmy Uso

Seth Rollins WWE WrestleMania 40 XL

Triple H has a potentially career-altering decision to make soon.

GUNTHER will be looking for a big-time opponent heading into WrestleMania, but proposed plans for the reigning Intercontinental Champ with Brock Lesnar have seemingly been shelved due to ongoing allegations. Nobody really has any clue if WWE will pick right back up post-Elimination Chamber, or if Trips will move on to somebody else.

Jey Uso would be an option, but that'd wreck any chances the breakout singles star has of working with his brother Jimmy in Philadelphia. In other words, one of the worst creative butterfly effects of this Brock situation could be that Jimmy misses 'Mania entirely.

Sure, he'd still be in Roman Reigns' corner, but wrestling on the main card in a one-on-one bout vs. his sibling would be a dream come true for Jimmy. Right now, he's far more likely to miss out than Jey, and that can't be a great feeling for The Bloodline man.


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