10 WWE Wrestlers Poised To Break Out In 2020

Who will succeed where Aleister Black and Cedric Alexander failed in 2019?

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Cedric Alexander. Ricochet. Buddy Murphy. Aleister Black. Humberto Carrillo.

These are just a handful of the wrestlers that looked to be on the verge of breaking out this year before WWE dialled back on their main roster pushes, ensuring each finished 2019 somewhere in the Raw's crowded middle. Even Drew McIntyre, once considered a surefire candidate for elevation, was restricted only to flirtations with the main event scene, despite consistently strong performances between the ropes.

The stop/start nature of most modern WWE pushes drives this as much as the talent pool's overcrowding, but while there are a lot of names on this roster, these people are absurdly skilled. Some of them should unquestionably be bigger stars than they feel like a the moment. Not that Ricochet and co. are anything close to "buried," though.

This makes it hard to forecast who might break out over the coming year. Regardless, Raw, SmackDown, and especially NXT are crammed with awesome performers in great positions to take their careers to the next level in 2020. Let's take a look at those who inspire the most hope that this stuttering star-making system will be corrected...

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