10 WWE Wrestlers Poised To Break Out In 2023

2023 is gonna be a HUGE year for these breakout WWE superstars. Bank on it!

Solo Sikoa Paul Heyman

2013 was close to 10 full years ago, which is a truly scary proposition for anyone out there who believes time appears to be gathering pace. Y'know what else is a scary thought? That some of WWE's brightest and best young stars won't quite crack the legendary "glass ceiling" and become top names.

They'll have a right good go at it in 2023 though.

Triple H somehow feels less threatening to WWE's roster than Vince McMahon. 'The Game' understands what even the youngest men and women on payroll want to achieve, and he seems to be a bit more flexible when it comes to foregoing his own tastes/habits and letting pro wrestlers just pro wrestle to the best of their abilities.

The future is very bright for the collection of fledgling stars and more-established main roster acts included on this here list. Some have already tasted success on Raw and SmackDown, and a few have even worn championships, but there's so much more to come from them over the next 12 months.

2023 will feature their breakout moments, and they'll be very-much worth the wait.

10. Carmelo Hayes

Solo Sikoa Paul Heyman

Hayes' arrival on the main roster seems inevitable.

Shawn Michaels has been championing the NXT man's skills for a long time now, and that'll count for a heck of a lot in Triple H's WWE. Hunter will listen to his best friend, but he can surely also see himself that Carmelo is worth bringing to Raw and/or SmackDown soon.

The two-time North American and one-time Cruiserweight Champion even won NXT's 'Breakout' Tournament in 2021. In other words, Hayes probably should've made it to the big(ger) time in WWE by now. 2023, all going smoothly, will be his year to do exactly that though.

Curious minds may wonder if Trick Williams is coming along for the ride. Trips could have other plans for him, and he might believe that Carmelo deserves the chance to fly solo for a while in the flagship spotlight. Then, and maybe only then, will WWE find out just how big a star he can be.

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