10 WWE Wrestlers That Changed Everything

The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, and other WWE game-changers...


The professional wrestling industry sets itself apart from all other forms of storytelling in a lot of different ways, and one of the most prominent is its reliance on individual stars and performers. Where mediums such as most professional sports and film tend to focus on a team of people, wrestling often gives individual performers the spotlight to keep the business moving forward.

This has paid off since there have been plenty of occasions where solo performers dragged the industry into the future, even if the brass still trail behind. Since the wrestlers are the forefront of the product, they have a surprising amount of power when it comes to dictating the direction that it goes in.

The performers in this list have all made significant improvements/changes to the wrestling business in a way that has a genuinely profound effect. We've had plenty of stars, but the forward-thinking and ground-breaking developments that these individuals brought forth have significantly altered WWE in a way that most superstars can only dream of.

Being remembered as a performer who changed everything is quite a way to look back on a career...


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