10 WWE Wrestlers The Internet Loves (But Vince McMahon Hates)

The incredible wrestlers and internet darlings who don't have the love of their boss on their side.


Vince McMahon has inconsistent taste.

It doesn't take much for him to completely shift his opinion on a wrestler, from smiling the wrong way, saying the incorrect phase in a promo or not having a face that he likes to look at, among others. It's very easy to get on the boss' bad side, sometimes for no real reason at all. There are just employees and workers in his wrestling promotion that he doesn't get the appeal of.

While wrestling is obviously subjective and Vince has seen enough of it to know what he likes, it is baffling that all of these beloved and supernaturally talented wrestlers are in his company and aren't being used to their maximum potential. Some have had rumours about distaste from the boss, others are just not present in a regular role on the roster whatsoever despite their talents and a few are being actively buried on television as we speak.

Hopefully all 10 of these superstars keep getting to impress their fans online and at home and get proper opportunities to showcase how great they are, whether they're inside or outside the ThunderDome's walls...

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