10 WWE Wrestlers Who Desperately Need To Be Repackaged In 2021

If Alexa Bliss can become The Fiend’s best friend, we can get creative with these stars.

Lana WWE crying

The presentation of a wrestler is a critical factor when it comes to whether or not they succeed. There are plenty of performers throughout the history of wrestling who possessed elite in-ring ability, but whose character made it impossible to get themselves over with the crowd. In these circumstances, companies must recognize that fans aren’t connecting with the wrestler, and change their character.

Having a creative team that is willing to make adjustments when their plans aren’t going as designed has changed the course of wrestling history. What would the 1990s and 2000s have been like in wrestling if Rocky Maivia never become The Rock? What if Stone Cold never shed the moniker of The Ringmaster?

The demands on the creative team have never been higher; including NXT, there are seven hours of weekly television that WWE must produce, with approximately 200 wrestlers on the rosters. No one expects promoters and bookers to be perfect with how they present their wrestlers, but they do need to be able to recognize when characters and gimmicks aren’t connecting with the audience. This is an area where WWE are currently falling short. Whether it is a few tweaks to their character or full on repackaging, these are ten wrestlers who would benefit from WWE’s creative changing up their presentation.

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