10 WWE Wrestlers Who Got Buried Because Of Their Tag Partner

Being buried, getting fired, losing titles. All because one person in the team royally screwed up.

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Choosing to be in a tag team in wrestling has its various ups and downs.

On the one hand you always have someone to ride with when touring cities and countries, and often your tag partner is your brother or best friend in the business.

But then there’s the negatives. There are times when one wrestler has to carry the brunt of the work when tagging, like Owen Hart did for Yokozuna in the mid ‘90s when Yoko’s weight got out of control. Then there are partnerships where one wrestler outshines and transcends the other, like Shawn Michaels did over Marty Jannetty in The Rockers. And if one of them goes down with a serious injury, the other has to fend for themselves for the first time in their career, like Jey Uso recently has been doing on SmackDown.

Wrestlers screw up from time to time, but at least if they’re a solo act and they mess up the heat lands directly on them and them alone. If they’re in a tag team though usually their partner has to absorb the heat too, and gets buried through no fault of their own, which can cause a lot of friction going forward..

10. The Brain Busters

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After founding The Four Horsemen and ruling over the tag division in Jim Crockett Promotions, Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson jumped ship to the WWF in late 1988, spending a year there in total where they had some gripping encounters with The Rockers and won the WWF World Tag Team Championships.

But after discovering they weren’t being paid as much as they were promised when they first signed, they negotiated with WCW to return and reunite the Horsemen. They gave their notice to the WWF after verbally agreeing to deals worth up to $750,000 each with WCW. Then, coincidentally or otherwise, Tully failed a random WWF drug test shortly after notifying Vince McMahon they were leaving.

Word got back to WCW about the drug test failure, with the $750,000 deals subsequently falling through. It meant Arn had to sign a deal for considerably less, with Tully refusing to sign the same deal if it meant he would be paid less. It brought an end to their long partnership and caused a major rift between the two for years.

Tully has spoken about the knock-on effect his drug test failure had on Arn, saying “The most tragic thing about that is that it affected Arn. That’s my biggest regret. Not that I lost a job but it affected him, and I was sitting at home.”

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