10 WWE Wrestlers Who Got Buried Because Of Their Tag Partner

9. The Highlanders

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The Highlanders were the tag team whose gimmick was entirely centred around them being Scottish and not much else.

Made up of Robbie and Rory McAllister, it looked as though WWE had plans for them when they first debuted for the promotion. They feuded with the Spirit Squad and were fast-tracked into the tag title picture. But after losing to the cheerleaders multiple times, they became a permanent feature on Heat where they wasted away.

Rory tore his pectoral muscle in February 2008, which left Robbie forgotten about and competing in throwaway matches. It was a sore point for the young star, who was growing increasingly frustrated with his spot in WWE and the way The Highlanders were treated. Appearing in the crowd on a live episode of TNA Impact (and rather cynically being identified by the cameras specifically) got him in boiling hot water, with a WWE staffer calling him and ordering that he leave there and then.

Robbie has said regarding the incident: “It was my own stupidity. I don't even understand why I did it. But it could have been a subconscious thing that I did it because WWE weren't using us. Stuff like that. But it was just a dumb thing on my part. I wish I could take it back, but you never can.”

Robbie was thoroughly chewed out by officials in WWE over it, and was jobbed out on TV afterwards. The Highlanders were never able to recover from the incident after Rory returned, with them both being released from their contracts later that year.

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