10 WWE Wrestlers With The Triple H STINK

Triple H has played the game well in 2023, but not every WWE star is feeling the benefit.

Johnny Gargano Tommaso Ciampa DIY

A bit of "Behind The Content" on this one.

It won't shock regular readers of this website to know that ultimately the hottest stories in pro wrestling drive the editorial direction. As the world gets perilously close to the halfway point of the 2020s, nobody's trying to keep kayfabe over what the purpose of all of this is.

Websites like the one you're on and every other one you've visited today want your click, your time, and your interest. Where this one (hopefully) differs from some of the others is in caring about how rewarded you'll feel for donating those valuable resources. There's only one thing worse than wrestling not rewarding your investment, and that's coverage of wrestling falling just as short.

But what's this confessional got to do with "WWE Wrestlers With The Triple H STINK" exactly? Well, that specific title has sat on the shelf gathering dust for around a year now. 'The Game's late-2022 signing spree looked as though it could mark the end of an early hot streak he embarked upon after Vince McMahon resigned in disgrace. As 2023 proved, he was simply trying to shore up his ranks with who he wanted, and most of his plans have blossomed for the market leader.

It is to the head of creative's immense credit this piece got pushed back for such a long time, and that it was quite difficult to compile. More people - by orders of magnitude - are way more over than not.

The rest?

10. Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn

Johnny Gargano Tommaso Ciampa DIY

Paired together here because that's exactly what happened to them virtually out of nowhere on NXT despite engaging in one of those miserable programmes that got neither of them more over than they were before, Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn's main roster run has gone from bad to dumb to non-existent.

Arriving as NXT Women's Tag Team Champions before those titles were hurriedly unified with the main roster belts in humbling fashion, Fyre and Dawn were left for dead by virtue of their loss to Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler. The spooky gimmick hasn't scanned in wrestling for a while now, and even when the company appeared to be using it to hang a lampshade over a not-insignificant problem - the pair, cauldron and all, had supposedly "cursed" the belts as a way to explains the splits, injuries and derailments various champions had experienced - that lasted about as long as their original SmackDown winning streak.

Proven, talented and with more to offer than what they're currently being permitted, it's hard to work out how a division lacking in fresh talent hasn't found space for both. Well, hard to work out if you ignore the frustrating gap in Triple H's booking ledger marked "The Women's Division".

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