11 Awful Names WWE Wrestlers Rejected

7. Bayley - Davia

Bayley July24

In her appearance on Chris Jericho's 'Talk is Jericho' podcast, current RAW superstar Bayley went in-depth on how she ended up with her current moniker. The former NXT Women's Champion was presented with the usual list by WWE creative, and she talks of it as being a solidly generic list of uninspiring female names, like Jennifer and Sally. No offence to anyone named Jennifer or Sally; my name is John after all.

Bayley was eventually given three choices, one of which she eventually picked. One of the other options was 'Davia', a name that puzzled the performer. Bayley asked whether this was a typo, whether they intended for her to be called 'Davina', but she was wrong. Davia was the option. Not entirely sure if that was a name at all, Bayley plumped for 'Bailey', asking for the spelling to be altered along the way.

It turns out that Davia is indeed a name, the female equivalent of 'David', and a name that means 'Beloved'. That doesn't make it any less silly for a pro wrestler however.


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