11 Biggest Stories From IMPACT's Bound For Glory And What They Mean Going Forward

Austin Aries walks out, a former WWE Superstar answers an open challenge, and more.


Impact Wrestling has seen an upswing in attention in 2018 with the help of two prior pay-per-view events -- Redemption in April and Slammiversary in July - and Sunday night's Bound For Glory proved a successful albeit somewhat controversial event.

Johnny Impact’s quest for the World Championship quickly turned personal thanks to comments made by Austin Aries in regard to his opponent’s fiancée, Taya Valkyrie. By the pay-per-view’s end, Austin’s status with the company and just how real things had become between the two wrestlers was left in question.

Meanwhile, former stars Abyss and Tommy Dreamer made surprise appearances to great ovations. Newcomers like Willie Mack proved their worth and veterans like King’s villainous OGz were finally vanquished. Shockingly, the previously unstoppable force of Brian Cage was overcome, and Allie battled former champion Su Yung in a captivatingly bizarre segment that saw the return of Rosemary, while Tessa Blanchard continued her dominance over the Knockouts Division.

Let's break down everything that happened at Bound For Glory, as well as the fallout from Sunday’s pay-per-view in New York City and where Impact Wrestling is headed next, including their “Homecoming” to Nashville’s Asylum.


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