11 Female Wrestlers Who Were In WWE At The Wrong Time

These women had talent. Unfortunately, they were around when women's wrestling didn't matter much.

Before the WWE women's revolution was officially announced by Stephanie McMahon in 2015, women's wrestling, especially in WWE, was generally considered an afterthought. While there have been great women's matches over the years prior to the revolution, on the whole, the matches were not given the time that they are given today. In addition, women's feuds and storylines were very rarely long enough for fans to really sink their teeth into and invest their time in.

We've seen a plethora of women in WWE come and go throughout history, and while some can simply be seen as pretty faces with little to no wrestling skill- frequently, those hired were not trained beyond the level of passable - there have certainly been talented in-ring performers who actually belonged in the ring. The problem was the fact that they weren't given enough opportunity to showcase their wrestling chops (no pun intended).

This list contains 11 talented female in-ring performers who should have been in WWE, just not at the time that they were.

Instead, these women would have made great additions to the women's roster of today.

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